Brian Eno on Donald Trump

  Is this the beginning of the end? Brian Eno thinks that we have been in decline for roughy 40 years as a result of neoliberalism, a move, as he sees has taken western society away from community and towards individualism. Eno believes in a strong possibly that Donald Trump will “fuck up so badly,…

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Infadels Lowlands

I found this on an old disk hiding in the loft. I cannot help but think it captures a time perfectly.

Interview on Analog Synthesisers with Josh Tinson

Why do you think there is a widespread resurgence of analogue synthesisers today? There a hell of a lot of people opinions about this, I personally think that, that the rise of the digital audio workstations and the laptop culture has been incredible for the democratisation of music. If you wanna make a track now…

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