Infadels Lowlands

I found this on an old disk hiding in the loft. I cannot help but think it captures a time perfectly.

Interview on Analog Synthesisers with Josh Tinson

Why do you think there is a widespread resurgence of analogue synthesisers today? There a hell of a lot of people opinions about this, I personally think that, that the rise of the digital audio workstations and the laptop culture has been incredible for the democratisation of music. If you wanna make a track now…

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Music Publishing – An interview with Mel Redmond

The wonderful, talented and knowledgeable Mel Redmond explains what music publishing is, how to get a publishing deal and what makes a great song (sort of).   How do you get a publishing deal? This is hard to do, it’s harder than ever before. Generally a publisher will not go out there and look for…

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Video Diary – Day 2

I thought it would be interesting to document the creative process of making an album in video diary form.

It is pretty scary because, in my experience, a lot of ‘bad’ music gets made along the way. Showing this will probably make people think that I am a totally rubbish producer and composer. However, I am so interested in what will happen as a result of showing the insanity behind the process that I cannot resist.

I hope you like it, feel free to comment and say what you like.

Biggest thanks and love, Matty