Bnann on Songwriting, Bless Beats, Elton John and Infadels.

Bnann on Songwriting, Pharrell Williams, Bless Beats, Elton John and Infadels  On Work Ethic The moment you stop writing good songs, guess what happens? Everyone in the world walks away from you. Everything starts and ends with how good your last release is. How good your next release is. If you take the people at the…

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Brian Eno on Donald Trump

  Is this the beginning of the end? Brian Eno thinks that we have been in decline for roughy 40 years as a result of neoliberalism, a move, as he sees has taken western society away from community and towards individualism. Eno believes in a strong possibly that Donald Trump will “fuck up so badly,…

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Infadels Lowlands

I found this on an old disk hiding in the loft. I cannot help but think it captures a time perfectly.